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Best Hospitality Interior Designers


An award-winning firm for its design concept for high-end restaurants, AMPM Designs is a highly sought after interior design firm in the hospitality and leisure industry. Be it banquet halls, luxury hotels, restaurants or resorts, we create designs that make you stand out in the crowd.


From concept to execution, our team of professional designers work closely with restaurant/ hotel owners to ensure that the interiors incorporate their personality and brand ethos as well as induce a sense of luxury through carefully curated style and design. We believe in creating an ambience that reflects the particular theme and concept chosen by the client and levels with the quintessence of the cuisine. From quirky to heritage designs,  our team strives to elevate consumer experience by ensuring the interiors are creative and unique. Our designs incorporate the latest trends, high-end technology, vibrant colours, bespoke furniture, refined fixtures, statement lighting and lush fabrics that leave your guests mesmerised and assure a splendid dining or holiday experience.

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