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India's Top Luxury Interior Designer's

AMPM Designs is a premier interior design firm with ‘a real soul’. The brand’s design ethos stems from a desire to craft exquisite things of lasting beauty, intimately suited to each client’s unique personality and vision. Harnessing the latest technology, incorporated into the simplest forms, the design boutique helps design luxury spaces of the future. 

AMPM Designs’ team of passionate architects and interior designers share one common goal: to deliver bespoke interior, furniture and lighting design services for its luxury clientele. Incorporating trends from the ever-evolving international design industry, and adding their own unique perspectives, the boutique firm creates living spaces that are sophisticated, yet comfortable and friendly. From concept to completion, AMPM Designs stays true to its luxury design sensibilities; backed by a penchant for attention to detail and passion for design. It orchestrates a visual and chromatic melody to fabricate bespoke, elegant and clutter-free interior settings.

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